The easiest way to get to the ERC and adjacent structures such as the Science Building is via the Anthony Blvd entrance off Coliseum Blvd. This entrance is at the southwest corner of the campus, just east of the bridge over the St. Joe River.

Visitors entering at Anthony must immediately travel right and then counterclockwise in front of Kettler Hall (the first building) before returning to Anthony, where they may turn right to continue north, parallel to the river. The Science Building (labeled high on building) is the next building on the right. It has an attached greenhouse by the stairs and elevator. The ERC is the building at the turn in the road, tucked back by the river, and pictured below.

image of new ERC building
The ERC has moved into the repurposed Printing/ Warehouse building!

Here is a map of the campus and vicinity with the ERC marked on it, as well a direct link to Google Maps Directions.

There are a few parking spots right at the ERC. There is one handicapped space and three spots for visitors. After that, consider the large lot (P11) south along Anthony Blvd and next to the St. Joseph River. The spots in it closest to the Science Building and marked with green stripes are reserved for faculty. However, government vehicles can nevertheless park in those spots at all times, and the faculty parking is also open after 5 PM and on weekends. This works nicely, as most of our public events are during those “off hours”!

The Liberal Arts Building (LA) is the multi-story structure ahead after the road turns east. There is no general parking immediately next to LA, but there is more handicapped parking along the north side of the Science Building.